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Box Winch

  • Compact box winch 4000kg max lifting capacity. 

  • Hook speed between 28 and 11 m/min.


  • Ideal for quick, easy multiple lifts such as trusses on a construction site.

  • Standard Pallet Forks also included in winch hire.

  • Includes A77 operator.


26m MEWP 4x4

  • 4x4 Off Road 26m 360° for jobs most other platforms just won't access (300kg 2 person Capacity 1140mm wide cage).


  • Great ground clearance.


  • 4x4 traction with semi-agri tyres.


  • An ideal choice for uneven rough terrain.

  • Includes A77 operator.

CS SMART 750.jpg

Tree Grapple Saw

  • Safe removal of trees in several parts.

  • Problematic tree fellings in urban and residential areas.

  • Maintenance work along traffic roads and routes.

  • Felling of dangerous trees.

  • Eliminates traditional time consuming rope 'rigging' and 'lowering' of trees and reduces risk.  

  • Includes A77 operator.

Download this PDF to see technical data which will help you decide if our machine is right for your lift. Or simply contact us.



ARB Lifting have a trusted reputation which stems from the Arboricultural industry as part of the Arbserv group with experience developed utilising cranes, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP's) and grapple heads for precision work on large dangerous trees over the last decade.

Our heavy lifting 360° rotating 26m reach tilting cab telehandler with A77 operator has a range of specialist attachments including:


  • Box Winch with Hook

  • Westtech Wood Cracker CS750 Smart Tree Grapple

  • Personnel Basket / MEWP

Our machine offers a range of precise & efficient lifting solutions in multiple industries such as:

  • Truss & Steel lifting in the construction industry. 

  • Tricky lifting installations in the retail sector such as a Jacuzzi or sculpture.

  • Commercial building inspection and working platforms.

  • Precise and safe dismantle of trees in the Arboricultural industry. 

Our machine is hired out with a qualified A77 operator, plus a suite of risk assessments and method statements. This ensures safety and efficiency of your job.

Collaboration with Tree Surgeons

We have already worked with many Tree Surgery companies to aid with the mechanisation element on their jobs. They co-ordinate and manage their clients and we simply supply likeminded tree expertise with the ROTO & Grapple to aid 'getting the job done' in the most efficient way. This has already unlocked a larger market opportunity for forward thinking owner operator Tree Surgeons, enabling them to take on bigger projects with the same size crew. They retain all correspondence with their clients, but get access to industry leading mechanisation. If you're the owner of a Tree surgery company and want to discuss the opportunity of working together please get in touch.   






Tree Grapple


Turret Rotation

Maximum Load Capacity





Free Site Visit & Quote

Contact us today to arrange a free site visit and quote, call, email or use the form below to get in touch. We will then visit your site to carry out a pre-vet survey and provide an accurate fixed quote for your job.


For enquiries fill out the following form

or call 01743 884 671 or email

Download this PDF to see technical data which will help you decide if our machine is right for your lift. Or simply contact us.

Head Office

Arbserv Ltd t/a ARB Lifting

Pony House

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To apply for a telehandler A77 operator job with ARB Lifting, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. and copies of relevant in date qualifications to:

Contact Us

Message Received.

Lifting made easy

Our telehandler lifting hire services are mainly carried out across Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Telford, Welshpool & Newtown. ARB Lifting operate throughout Mid-Wales and Shropshire for both domestic and commercial clients with projects ranging from 1 day hire to 1 week plus. For larger commercial projects of 1 week plus we also operate nationwide - please contact us. Our lifting solutions are safe, quick and easy using a 360° rotating telehandler. It's more nimble than a crane and more agile than and fixed boom telehandler. The perfect machine for many tricky lifting projects. The specialist 'woodcracker' tree grapple saw also means we are industry leaders in dangerous tree removal. Simply get in touch to see how we can make your lifting easy.

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